Prof. HE Qiliang 何其亮教授

I. General Information
1.1 Academic Background
September 2000-June 2006  Department of History, University of Minnesota, MA and Ph. D.
September 1992-July 1996  Department of Foreign Languages, Shanghai Jiaotong University. BS
Twentieth-Century Chinese History, Urban History, and Cultural History
1.2 Working Experience
2021 Professor, Illinois State University, USA
2017-2021 Associate Professor, Illinois State University, USA
2014-2017 Assistant Professor, Illinois State University, USA
2014 Associate Professor, University of South Carolina Upstate, USA
2006-2014 Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina Upstate, USA
1.3 Awards and Honors
2020-2023, Distinguished Professor 特聘教授 (The High-level Overseas Talent Recruitment Program of Shanghai上海市海外高層次人才引進計劃)
2019, Janice Witherspoon Neuleib Award for Outstanding Scholarly Achievement of the Year by a Tenured Faculty Member (CAS, Illinois State University)
2014, Special Recognition in Consideration of His Assistance with Internationalizing the Campus (The Center for International Studies, USC Upstate)
II. Teaching
1.4 Courses Taught 
Over 20 courses in both English and Chinese on China, East Asia, and the world in higher education institutions in the US and China.
III. Research
1.5 Publications
In English:
Working the System: Motion Picture, Filmmakers, and Subjectivities in Mao-Era China, 1949–1966. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2023. ISBN: 978-9888805600. (;
The People’s West Lake: Propaganda, Nature, and Agency in Mao’s China (1949-76). Honolulu: The University of Hawai’i Press, 2023. ISBN: 9780824894894; 9780824895594.;
Newspapers and the Journalistic Public in Republican China: 1917 as a Significant Year of Journalism. London: Routledge, 2018. ISBN 978-1138344693.;
Feminism, Women’s Agency, and Communication in Early Twentieth-Century China—The Case of the Huang-Lu Elopement. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. ISBN 978-3319896915.;
Gilded Voices: Economics, Politics, and Storytelling in the Yangzi Delta since 1949. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2012. xii, 306pp. ISBN 978-9004232440.
Translation Books
Merchants and Society in Modern China: Rise of Merchant Groups, by Tang Lixing 唐力行. Translated by Qiliang He. London: Routledge, 2018. ISBN: 1138089125; 9781138089129.;
Merchants and Society in Modern China: From Guild to Chamber of Commerce, by Tang Lixing 唐力行. Translated by Qiliang He. London: Routledge, 2018. ISBN: 1138089133; 9781138089136.;
A Short History of the Ming Dynasty, by Li Guangbi 李光璧. Translated by Qiliang He (Minneapolis: The Society for Ming Studies, 2016).
He, Qiliang, “Cinema, Colonialism, and Contact Zone: The Movie Theater and City Governance in Early-Twentieth-Century Shanghai.” International Journal of Asian Studies, forthcoming.;
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In Chinese:
《個體與集體之間:五六十年代的評彈事業 》,北京:商務印書館, 2013. ISBN 978-7-100-09596-9.
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IV. External Services
2.3.3 Professional Societies & Services 
2020, Referee for the Best Student Papers, Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs;
2019-Present, Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Film Studies, Shanghai;
2019-Present, Board member, The Historical Society for Twentieth-Century China (HSTCC);
2019-2020, Researcher at the Shanghai-Berkeley Center for Media and Film Studies