Features of the Programme


As a teaching-led, research-active liberal arts University, our mission is to preserve and disseminate traditional Chinese culture and the Confucian vision on the cultivation of virtues (樹仁). Promoting Chinese cultural traditions and heritage, as well as reinforcing knowledge on Chinese history is instrumental in enhancing Chinese national identities and cultivating global citizenship in the 21st century. We do not merely assume the responsibilities of imparting knowledge on Chinese history and culture, but also encourage the engagement of the Chinese past with the present and future, as well as unravelling the dynamics between Chinese history and world development with a global perspective.

The promotion of Chinese history and culture is captured in the restructured curriculum of the Bachelor’s Degree in History, following rigorous procedures of academic Quality Assurance. While the new curriculum retains ancient Chinese history, it also widens the scope of students’ historical knowledge with a multifaceted perspective and a broader view of the world and society. The three domains of the new curriculum, Chinese history, world history and urban history, adopt both historical and interdisciplinary approaches to analyze history, to provide systematic and interconnected knowledge of the historical evolvement of China and the World, as well as to reflect on the socio-cultural histories of Chinese and global urban development.

Our dedication to the promotion of Chinese heritage and history is further reflected in the design of our General Education Programme, whereby one of the four areas is Chinese Culture in the 21st century. The area relates ideas and concepts in ancient Chinese teachings to contemporary society, and analyses the economic, social and political application of Chinese culture in the globalized world. Enhancing the knowledge on Chinese history and civilization, as well as understanding multiple articulations of Chinese heritage, will be pertinent for cultivating the values and citizenship of modern Chinese nation and global consciousness for our future generations.


Career Prospects

Our student can apply most government’s general grade positions. They can also perform as profession writers, editors, teachers and work in related cultural industries. Apart from working, they can further study History or other programmes such as humanities, laws, politics, or library science at postgraduate level at local or overseas universities. Our graduates may also seek admission into Masters’ Degree programme in History jointly offered by Peking University and Hong Kong Shue Yan University. 



Our student are offered internships opportunities during their study. Our students have participated in internships including ‘Vivo Overseas Education Consultancy’ to prepare marketing seminars and booth promotion, ‘Project Space’ to prepare the Caring Expo 2019 on May 20th, ’CACHE Project’ (The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage) to promote the local revitalisation scheme, and assisting local theme park to promote their cultural activities. Some of our students also learned about teaching at secondary schools.