To complete a minimum of 15 credits, students could choose 5 courses from the course list below.

Motivation/Aim for a student to take a minor:
1. Paving career pathways and enhancing personal development.
2. Providing interdisciplinary Knowledge and perspectives for further studies and research.
3. Applying knowledge and skills learned from the minor to support his/her major and career goals.
4. Analyzing and responding to issues critically and creatively from the interdisciplinary perspective learned from his/her minor coursework.
5. Using the knowledge for lifelong learning with the aim of enhancing personal competency and attuning to social and global changes.
Course List
Code Course Credits
HIST196 Knowing Hong Kong History through Heritages, Literature and Films
3 Nil
HIST210 Imperial China 中華帝國史 3 Nil
HIST220 The Modern World 近代世界 3 Nil
HIST268 Art History of China 中國藝術史 3 Nil
HIST312 Modern China (1840-1949)
中國近代史 (1840-1949)
3 Nil
HIST318 Chinese Urban History 中國城市史 3 Nil
HIST320 The Contemporary World 當代世界 3 Nil
HIST340 History of Urban Arts and Design
3 Nil