Education Concentration in History

Departmental coordinator: Dr Au Chi Kin


Departmental Requirements 系內必修科
Code Course Credits
HIST488 Pedagogy of History Teaching 歷史教學法1 3
Work Placement Courses 工作實習
Code Course Credits
HIST380 Work Placement 工作實習 3

*Students participating in this course will be able to carry out work placement in educational institutions such as Lai Chack Middle School, Confucius Hall Secondary School, ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School, The Yuen Yuen Institute MFBM Nei Ming Chan Lui Chung Tak Memorial College and other educational institutions.

Departmental Electives 系內選修科 (至少選讀一科)
Code Course Credits
HIST256 The History of Modern East Asia 近現代東亞史 3
HIST371 History of the Middle East 中東史 3
HIST470 Modern History of International Relations 近現代國際關係史 3
HIST480 Intellectual History of the West 西方思想史 3
Credits Required for Departmental Electives 系內選修科所需學分 3-6
Inter-Departmental Electives 跨系選修科(至少選讀一科)
Code Course Credits
PSY307 Educational Psychology2 3
HIST477 History of Education in Hong Kong 香港教育史 3
IDP401 Digital Technology in Teaching 數位技術與教學3 3
SOC313 Sociology of Education 3
Credits Required for Inter-Departmental Electives 跨系選修科所需學分 3-6

1 ‘Departmental Core’ course are Elective courses in the respective undergraduate programmes designated as ‘core’ for the purposes of the respective concentrations only.

2 Students will have to fulfil two prerequisites – PSY100 Introductory Psychology and PSY120 Lifespan Developmental Psychology – before they can attempt PSY307 Educational Psychology.

3 IDP is the course code for Interdisciplinary courses. For students taking the course to fulfil the Education Concentration, the course would be considered a Departmental Elective. For all other students, the course would be considered a Free Elective.