2024/25 Programme Curriculum

YEAR 1 - Language Requirement 一年級 - 語言必修規定
Code Course Credits
CHI101-2 First year Chinese I & II 大一國文I 及 II 8
ENG111-2 English Usage I & II  英語應用I 及 II 6
YEAR 1 - Departmental Requirements 一年級 - 系內必修科
Code Course Credits
HIST110 Introduction to Ancient Chinese History 中國古代史概論 3
HIST120 The Ancient World 古代世界 3
HIST130 Introduction to Historical Theories and Methods 史學理論與方法導論 3
YEAR 1 - Departmental Electives 一年級 - 系內選修科
Code Course Credits
HIST196 Knowing Hong Kong History through Heritages, Literature and Films
HIST198 A Brief History of the United States 美國簡史 3
Credits Required for Departmental Electives 系內選修科所需學分 3
YEAR 1 - General Education Courses 一年級 - 通識教育
Course Credits
General Education Courses 通識教育 6
YEAR 1 - Non-Departmental Electives 一年級 - 系外選修科
Course                                            Credits
Non-Departmental Electives 系外選修科                                            3
YEAR 2 - Language Requirement 二年級 - 語言必修規定
Code Course Credits
ENG211-2 English Writing 英語寫作I 及 II 6
YEAR 2 - Departmental Requirements 二年級 - 系內必修科
Code Course Credits
HIST200 Understanding of Urban History 城市史概論 3
HIST213 Ancient Chinese History (I) 中國古代史(一) 3
HIST214 Ancient Chinese History (II) 中國古代史(二) 3
HIST220 The Modern World 近代世界 3
HIST298 Modern History of Hong Kong 香港近現代史 3
YEAR 2 - Departmental Electives 二年級 - 系內選修科
Code Course Credits
HIST211 History of Sui Tang and the Five Dynasties 隋唐五代史 3
HIST212 History of Qin-Han-Wei-Jin Dynasties 秦漢魏晉南北朝史 3
HIST230 Study of Chinese Historical Sources and Materials 中國史料學 3
HIST250 History of the British Empire 英帝國史 3
HIST252 Globalization and China 全球化與中國 3
HIST256 History of Modern East Asia 近現代東亞史 3
HIST268 Art History of China 中國藝術史 3
Credits Required for Departmental Electives 系內選修科所需學分 6
YEAR 2 -General Education Courses 二年級 - 通識教育
Course Credits
General Education Courses 通識教育 6
YEAR 2 - Non-Departmental Electives 二年級 - 系外選修科
Course Credits
Non-Departmental Electives 系外選修科 3
YEAR 3 - Departmental Requirements 三年級 - 系內必修科
Code Course Credits
HIST312 Modern China (1840-1949) 中國近代史 (1840-1949) 3
HIST318 Chinese Urban History 中國城市史 3
HIST320 The Contemporary World 當代世界 3
HIST350 A Global History of Cities 全球城市史 3
HIST390 History of the People's Republic of China 中華人民共和國史 3
YEAR 3 - Departmental Electives 三年級 - 系內選修科 
Code Course Credits
HIST310 History of Song and Yuan Dynasties 宋元史 3
HIST311 History of Ming and Qing Dynasties 明清史 3
HIST330 History of Chinese and Western Historiographies 中西史學史 3
HIST340 History of Urban Arts and Designs 城市藝術設計史 3
HIST360 Cultural Interactions between China and the World 中外文化交流史 3
HIST361 Historical Geography of China 中國歷史地理 3
HIST371 History of the Middle East 中東史 3
HIST380 Work Placement 工作實習 3
Credits Required for Departmental Electives 系內選修科所需學分 9
YEAR 3 - Non-Departmental Electives 三年級 - 系外選修科
Course Credits
Non-Departmental Electives 系外選修科 9
YEAR 4 - Departmental Requirements 四年級 - 系內必修科
Code Course Credits
HIST420 History of World Religions 世界宗教史 3
HIST460 Urbanization, Industrialization and Globalization 城市化、工業化和全球化 3
HIST465 Issues & Controversies in Chinese History 中國歷史之爭議課題 3
YEAR 4 - Departmental Electives 四年級 - 系內選修科 
Code Course Credits
HIST400 History of Christianity in Modern China 中國近代基督教史 3
HIST440 Gender and Modernity in World Cities 世界城市的性別與現代性 3
HIST430 Study of Chinese Historical Texts: Shiji & Zizhitongjian
HIST456 History of Modern Western Science and Technology
HIST463 Economic History of Hong Kong since 1949
Thesis 畢業論文 6
HIST470 Modern History of International Relations 近現代國際關係史 3
HIST472 Art History of the West 西方藝術史 3
HIST477 History of Hong Kong Education 香港教育史 3
HIST480 Intellectual History of the West 西方思想史 3
HIST488 Pedagogy of History Teaching 歷史教學法 3
Credits Required for Departmental Electives 系內選修科所需學分 15
The minimum credits required for graduation 歷史學(榮譽)文學士課程學生畢業所需學分 125