To complete a minimum of 15 credits, students could choose 5 courses from the course list below.

Motivation/Aim for a student to take a minor:
1. Paving career pathways and enhancing personal development.
2. Providing interdisciplinary Knowledge and perspectives for further studies and research.
3. Applying knowledge and skills learned from the minor to support his/her major and career goals.
4. Analyzing and responding to issues critically and creatively from the interdisciplinary perspective learned from his/her minor coursework.
5. Using the knowledge for lifelong learning with the aim of enhancing personal competency and attuning to social and global changes.
Student Advisor: Dr. Li Chih-Hung
Course List
Code Course Credits
HIST130 Introduction to Historical Theories and Methods
3 Nil
HIST210 History of Qin-Han-Wei-Jin Dynasties
3 Nil
HIST211 History of Sui Tang and the Five Dynasties
3 Nil
HIST240 History of Hong Kong 香港史 3 Nil
HIST310 History of Song and Yuan Dynasties 宋元史 3 Nil
HIST311 History of Ming and Qing Dynasties 明清史 3 Nil
HIST320 The Contemporary World 當代世界 3 Nil
HIST411 China since 1949 中國當代史 (1949年至今) 3 Nil