2019-2020/2020-2021 Curriculum Structure

Entry Requirements:

1. HKDSE Level 3 in Chinese and English, and Level 2 in Mathematics and Liberal Studies plus Level 2 in one elective subject.

2. Hong Kong Associate Degree/Higher Diploma Holders (of locally accredited programmes); or completion of one year's study in a locally accredited Hong Kong Associate Degree/Higher Diploma programme with a GPA of 2.5 (out of a 4.0 scale) or above.

3. GCE: At least two GCE A-level subjects at Grade E or above (excluding Chinese). Two AS subjects are considered to be equivalent to one A-level subject. The same subject will not be counted at both the A-level and AS-level.

4. IB: Overall score at least 24 points.

5. Mature applicants must be over the age of 23 by 1 September of the year of admission and be able to demonstrate sufficient motivation, knowledge and potential to indicate a high probability of being able to complete the programme successfully.
Prospective mature applicants are invited to discuss their application with the Head of Department concerned in advance of the application period. Successful mature candidates will be admitted on an individual and exceptional basis.

6. Other equivalent academic qualifications (subject to assessment by the University).

Code Course Credits
CHI101-2 First year Chinese I & II 大一國文I 及 II 8
ENG111-2 English Usage I & II  英語應用I 及 II 6
課程編號 課程名稱 學分
HIST110 Ancient Chinese History 中國古代史概論 3
HIST120 The Ancient World 古代世界 3
HIST130 Introduction to Historical Theories and Methods 史學理論與方法導論 3
HIST180 Introduction to the History of the People’s Republic of China 中華人民共和國導論 3
Course Credits
General Education Courses 通識教育 6
Course                                            Credits
Non-Departmental Electives 系外選修科                                            3
Code Course Credits
ENG211-2 English Writing 英語寫作I 及 II 6
課程編號 課程名稱 學分
HIST210 History of Qin-Han-Wei-Jin Dynasties 秦漢魏晉史 3
HIST211 History of Sui Tang and the Five Dynasties 隋唐五代史 3
HIST220 The Modern World 近代世界史 3
HIST230 Study of Chinese Historical Sources and Materials 中國史料學 3
HIST240 History of Hong Kong 香港史 3
課程編號 課程名稱 學分
HIST241 From the British Colony to SAR: Challenges & Opportunities of Hong Kong after Reunification 
HIST250 History of Interactions between Chinese and Western Cultures 中西文化交流史 3
HIST252 Globalization and China 全球化與中國 3
HIST275 The Great World Wars 大戰史 3
Course Credits
General Education Courses 通識教育 6
Course Credits
Non-Departmental Electives 系外選修科 3
課程編號 課程名稱 學分
HIST310 History of Song and Yuan Dynasties 宋元史 3
HIST311 History of Ming and Qing Dynasties 明清史 3
HIST320 The Contemporary World 當代世界史 3
HIST330 Study of Western and Chinese Historiographies 中西史學史 3
HIST340 Economic History of Hong Kong since 1949 1949年後的香港經濟史 3
課程編號 課程名稱 學分
HIST260 The History of Chinese Economy 中國經濟史 3
HIST350 China and Europe in the Making of the Modern World (1500-1900)
中國與歐洲在現代世界的角色 (1500-1900)
HIST351 History of Christianity in Modern China 中國近代基督教史 3
HSIT360 History of Chinese Culture 中國文化史 3
HIST361 Historical Geography of China 中國歷史地理 3
HIST364 Chinese Business Community in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong 香港及東南亞華商史 3
HIST370 The Developmental Experience of Modern Western Economic Powers: Study of Selected Cases
HIST371 The Making of Contemporary Middle East 當代中東的構成 3
HIST380 Work Placement 工作實習 3
HIST470 Sino-US Relations 中美關係 3
Course Credits
Non-Departmental Electives 系外選修科 3
課程編號 課程名稱 學分
HIST410 History of the Republican China 中華民國史 (1912-1949) 3
HIST411 China since 1949 中國當代史學 (1949年至今) 3

Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: Economic and Social Change since 1978 

課程編號 課程名稱 學分
HIST362 History of Chinese Political Institutions 中國政治制度史 3
HSIT430 Study of Chinese Historical Texts: Shiji & Zizhitongjian
HIST441 Taiwan: History and Themes 台灣:歷史與專題 3
HIST450 China in the Contemporary World 現今世界中之中國 3
HIST460 Intellectual History of Modern China 中國近代思想史 3
HIST461 History of USA : Key Issues and Themes 美國史主要議題論述 3
HIST462 The Making of Modern Japan 近代日本之構成 3
HIST463 Cities in Modern China 中國近代城市史 3
HIST466 Issues & Controversies in Traditional Chinese History 傳統中國的議題與爭議 3
HIST467 Issues & Controversies in Modern Chinese History 近代中國的議題與爭議 3
HIST468-HIST469 Thesis 畢業論文 6
The minimum credits required for graduation 歷史學(榮譽)文學士課程學生畢業所需學分 125